The Difference Between Windows 7 Home and Windows 7 Professional

The decision between which Windows version to choose when upgrading can be a difficult one. Luckily, versions are broken down into different price points based on what the primary use of the computer will be. While there are six different versions of Windows 7, we will only be focusing on two of them including Windows 7 Home and Windows 7 Professional. Let’s take a look at the various features offered in each.

Windows 7 Home

If you are an occasional user on the computer, this version may suite your needs, but with the ever-increasing use of technology, Windows 7 Home is often not enough. For starters, Windows 7 Home Premium is only supported through January 2015. This is a stark contract to Windows 7 Professional, which is supported until January 2020. Additionally, there is a grave difference between the max memory capacity that Home offers versus its Professional counterpart.

If we look further into the advanced features, Home Premium is unable to backup to a network location and is limited to local backups. Furthermore, if you have multiple computers, Home Premium is only able to connected to from another machine whereas Professional can use Windows as a host to connect to other machines. This comes in handy if you need to use Windows as a host for remote desktop.

Windows 7 Professional

Along with the benefits mentioned above, Windows 7 Professional contains numerous features that provides a seamless experience. With the upgraded version, users are given access to support for Dynamic Disks, which is useful for systems with multiple hard drives. The encrypting file system is also a great components that is necessary, yet often overlooked.

The location aware printing option as well as presentation mode are perfect for making sure these small aspects of work as handled easily. A few advanced features include the ability to control aspects of the operating system locally as well as via a Windows Server, offline files and folder redirection, software restriction policies for other users, and the ability to join a domain.

What it ultimately boils down to is that making the choice to purchase Windows 7 Professional will give you a lot more bang for your buck. If you find yourself in a position where you have already purchased Windows Home Premium, don’t fret as you can easily upgrade the software from the convenience of your desk. Windows 7 Professional is the power edition of the new operating system and is designed for flexible use in both the home and small business.

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